So much to think about weather I am doing the right thing to change my life or if I’m just making the biggest mistake of my life will it change for the better or the worst its a huge decision but I’ve made it time to stick to it


The feeling of being torn between two evils is what life really is on one hand you have heaven and the other being hell happy or sad dissapointment or held up on a pedistole iys a habbit innlife of being broken everybody has the feeling of torment and torture in their lives weather its maxed out or very minimal its happens to the best and worst of us

In my opinion we live in hell because we can get takin advantage of but heaven is the place we go after death the people who die and so called go to hell arent actually going anywhere their souls dont burn for eternity the are just in a dark place and the only way to change it is to come closer to jesus and see their mistakes

Is life really what we think it is or is it just our imagination working against us can we really control it or are we just an uncontrollable path to destruction or greatness poor people stay poor because no one can see the truth and how to change it and rich people stay rich because the control our country thats all Congress is idk about where my life is gunna lead me anymore


How can you live when all hope is gone and how can you live when you feel like the world has given up on you its not exactly possible but if you have faith in yourself you can make it through even the hardest and toughest of times same way with a relationship if you have faith in your relationship then it will last i know for one I have faith in my relationship and im happy to be in it I can fake a lot but I cant fake my feelings for her I dont know how people feel but I can relate to just about everything in different ways

Thoughts on suicide

Almost everybody has had a thought about killing themselves thinking that they are not good enough to live or just shouldnt be here anymore kids are killing themselves over stress and some just not thinking they have a purpose in life we all have a purpose we just don’t know what it is until it takes place but some people commit suicide over being bullied and I think the bullies should be punished with murder charges because they pushed them their

Thoughts on life and death

Life is a privilege and death is inevitable but people say they want to go to heaven but they dont want to die if you are alive then it is a known fact that you will die and you cant change that fact you can affect it on how you live you can either speed up your death by poisoning your body and filling it with toxins or you can prolong your life by eating healthy and making sure you as a person stay healthy